The Beginning of an Adventure

With the first week under our belt, and the call to prayer being sounded in the background, we have finally taken a breather here in Istanbul, Turkey to update everyone on our adventures so far. Our journey began in Geneva, Switzerland during which time we toured the United Nations, climbed a French mountain (Mount Saleve), and started to explore the city on our own.

During our short week in Switzerland, we began to familiarize ourselves with the city, traveling, and the global lifestyle. With Geneva as our transition, we were able to make the move to a less familiar place, Istanbul, with ease.  Along with getting to know this magnificent city, we are also getting to know our group of 27 students, our Professor Julie Legler, and her husband, Paul.

With many experiences and stories to come, we will update you all throughout our adventures abroad, while also providing our own insight on our five month long journey.

Kelsey Okuno, Katie Hanson, Kia Vang, Cianna Bedford, Maiyee Xiong


One Response to “The Beginning of an Adventure”

  1. Sallyann Okuno Bacchiere Says:

    Kelsey and friends it sounds like you are having an adventure. It is nice you get to see all of these countries and share them with us. Have a safe trip and keep up the news reports.
    Love, Grandma Sallyann and Dan

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