Cairo Arrival

“Traveling the world isn’t about taking pictures and telling everyone where you’ve been and what you’ve seen. It’s beyond that. I will never ever be able to explain to you in words or in person about the things I’ve seen and felt, I can only tell you that ‘It was amazing’ or ‘I had such a great time.’ This struck me when I arrived to Cairo, Egypt. This country is changing after the revolution a year ago and rebuilding a new Egypt. I can see that in the people, in the sprayed graffiti scripts on the rusted metal walls, on the cracked streets and sidewalks mounded with trash and stray cats.

Honestly, it’s been hard to take photos upon arriving in Egypt, I feel like I am too invasive when I do, if I try to capture the lives of these people rebuilding everything that once was.I can only bring you back stories, but it will never be the same unless you were to walk these streets and see what I see.”



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