Thank you, India!

It’s been a while since we’ve updated our friends and family, especially about our awesome experience at the Ecumenical Christian Center (ECC) in Bangalore, India. Our group would like to apologize for this late update. We hope that our audience will understand the situation we were in–Our accessibility to internet was VERY LIMITED. We literally had little to no internet during our month stay in India. It was hard living without internet, but then it allowed us for more time to truly enjoy the experience.

Before arriving to the ECC, we stayed at the YMCA hostel in Mumbai for a couple days. We visited the Rizvi Law College and enjoyed a spectacular fun night-out with college students. Our tour guide also took us to see the Elephanta Caves, which had many carved depictions of gods and goddesses such as Lord Shiva and his wife. We also visited and sung songs at the Sister’s of Charity Orphanage, we we got to witness the lives of people and how they were taken into care. It was definitely a memorable experience.

If you were to ask us one thing we like the most about India? Majority of us would say… the warm hospitality they provided. Compared to all the countries we’ve been to, I can firmly say that a lot of us felt very happy in India. The people here, at least the people we encountered and interacted with, are so warm, welcoming, kind, and generous. Despite all the annoying mosquitoes and cold showers we’re forced to take, the pros definitely beat the cons many times over. The people (especially the kids), the food, and the hospitality = one word–UNBEATABLE.

Besides all the lectures we had about religions of India, we had many visits and excursions out to see other parts of India, such as temples, churches, safaris, the royal palace, etc. We also celebrated Diwali where we got to dress up in pretty sarees, which is a festival celebrated annually by the Indian people known as the “festival of lights”–the victory of good over evil. Here, we got the chance to eat many good sweets, light up fireworks, and play many group games such as tug-of-war and volleyball.

There was many things besides all that I’ve already mentioned above that we did at the ECC that was super fun and long to describe. Even if we were to describe it all in words, I personally think that it wouldn’t do the experience and the feelings we had much justice. One must be here in order to truly see and understand what a great and fantastic place the ECC (and India itself) really was.

Leaving the ECC was really hard, especially after many of us became attached to the place and people. But we must do what we must do, right?? We left for our last stop in Delhi, India. We stayed at another YMCA hostel and visited the famous Taj Mahal. The story behind all the construction was just–WOW! Stunning and absolutely beautiful! Pictures don’t do this experience and place any justice either. The fine complexities that went into the design and construction of the Taj was unbelievably well-done. There were many other sites that we visited following the Taj Mahal, such as the Gandhi Memorial, Indian Gate, Humayun’s Tomb, and the Friday Mosque.

Although it is sad to leave India, I think many of us deserve a break. We will be heading to Thailand next for a ONE WEEK VACATION!!!! This will be the first time on Global where we will be splitting off into mini groups enjoying ourselves (whether that is with our parents or other Globalites)! Excited much? I think YES!!

*Photos will be posted soon!


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