Looking Back

A lot of Global is looking forward to things, anxiously awaiting the next adventure, a brand new place, the end of a ridiculously long bus ride. But now that we’re reaching the end of our journey, we’ve been looking back more and more frequently at everything we’ve encountered on this whirlwind of a study abroad trip. We thought we’d share with everyone back home some of the things that shaped our trip, that made us laugh out loud, that we learned about ourselves, and that we’ll never forget. –Katie H.

My favorite memory from Egypt is:

“When we got to play with some kids and meet some Egyptian families. That park was the only green spot in all of sandy Cairo!” –Jordan

“Going salsa dancing with some of the Egyptian students from the AUC.” –Sarah

“The sunrise balloon ride in Luxor.” –Madeline

The weirdest place I’ve slept was:

“On the ground at a Hindu-Christian center. First rule of Global: sleep whenever, wherever you can.” –Kierstin

“That one hotel in China that was in the middle of no where. It totally felt like Stephen King’s ‘The Shining.’” –Loulia

“Outside of Humayun’s Tomb in Delhi.” –Connor

“In the official briefing on DMZ protocol.” –Jen

“The breakfast table at the Flying Pan at LKF.” –Kelsey O

My favorite memory from Turkey is:

“Sitting on a rooftop restaurant overlooking the Hagia Sofia and the Blue Mosque for Devi’s birthday. Everything was going wrong with our orders and food, and people were starting to get frustrated, when all of a sudden fireworks started going off over the Hagia Sofia and music started playing. It was a beautiful sight and the timing was hilarious.” –Katie H.

My favorite memory from India is:

“The Diwali celebration. It was the first and only time we as Globalites played against each other in tug-o-war and volleyball.” –Nancy

“Visiting our friend Shivappa’s village and meeting his family and all of the village kids who crowded at the door and followed us EVERYWHERE. They were so sweet and welcoming!” –Michelle

The worst thing I’ve eaten was:

“Turkish delight.” –Ian

“McDonalds from China.” –Thao

“This fermented tofu soup that we had during our excursion in South Korea. It tasted and smelled like feet!” –Kia

“Street octopus.” –Everyone who ate street octopus

The best thing I’ve eaten is:

“Waffle balls from the street stands in Hong Kong and China. I also really liked the tiny minnows that tasted like candy in South Korea.” –Michelle

“A tie between Peking Duck and koshary.” –Ian

“Half price mango sushi at Sushi One.” –Cianna

“Live squid.” –Susie

“FERLERFER!” –Doug (Translation: Falafel. We get excited about it.)

My most spontaneous adventure was:

“Either going parasailing in Mumbai, or driving a motorbike in Chiang Mai.” –Sarah

“Probably going out for a random bike ride when we first got to India and we did not realize the conditions of the road. We ended up biking over streets that were better suited for mountain bikes among the cars, trucks, motorcycles, and buses that don’t believe in road regulations. We got lost and this man asked his son to show us how to get back. It was probably the best way to get acquainted with Indian roads.” –Elise

“Hopping the fence out of the ECC on the first night.” –Jen

“Visiting Tahrir Square, by far. For months before Global and during the volatile time in Egypt, I reassured my family and myself that I would not be going to the center of Egyptian discontent. Somehow, though, I was drawn into a trip there, and I am so glad I went, if only for the new perspective it offered on the political situation I had previously known only from a TV screen in the safety of my home.” –Kierstin

The most interesting thing I’ve learned from one of our classes is:

“That Cairo’s rent control laws are such that some families are paying the same rent as they were in the 1950s.” –Madeline

“Zoroastrianism.” –Sarah

“Tribal religions in India.” –Devi

“Egypt’s political and social issues leading up to Mubarak’s stepping down and Morsi’s rise.” –Ian

The best mistranslation I’ve see was:

“Beware of Slippery.” –Connor

“That chocolate bar that was supposed to say ‘crunchy’, but instead said ‘crunky’.” –Sarah

“This door has a bad.” –Kierstin

“Street Performers: Give us hands please!” –Katie P.

“Have you still do not eat?” –Kia

“Wood to flesh. Fire saftey room. Food area for lying fallow. My father in the room. Help protect the railings. No striding. Water is cool, out of service. Speaking cellphone is strictly prohibited when thunderstorm… etc.” –Jordan (the recorder of bad translations)

My favorite Paul and Julie moment is:

“Their Halloween costumes!” –Lauren

“Learning about Paul’s phase with platform shoes, long hair, and bell-bottoms.” –Corinne

“When Julie started dancing to Gangnam Style.” –Rachel

I was most outside of my comfort zone when:

“I got on the plane to leave for Geneva. I honestly think I had a panic attack on that flight. I was so nervous and I already missed chipotle </3” –Lauren

“Accepting the gender relations in Egypt: the lack of independence and constant cat-calling was frustrating.” –Kierstin

“The cab driver in Egypt took us through back roads on our way to Khan Al Khalili and couldn’t understand me freaking out in English.” –Rachel

“Jordan would jokingly yet creepily hug me.” –Ian

My favorite tour guide was:

“Bruce because he’s such a boss at his job.” –Nancy

“Muhammad in Luxor because “but…NO…meow”. –Kelsey O.

“Lee! She was so sweet and friendly. I loved talking with her and thought it was so adorable when she started crying at the end of our tours together.” –Lauren

The grossest bathroom I’ve used was:

“At a rest stop and gas station in Thailand somewhere between Bangkok and Chiang Mai.” –Madeline

“THE ONE AT THE MOUNT TAI. Oh dear god it was like something out of the movie Saw.” –Lauren

The funniest thing that happened to me was:

“Seeing Su Wu being smacked around like a ping pong in the elevator. Or watching Su Wu carry her luggage up an escalator.” –Kelsey O.

“Playing Elevator Ping Pong… I lost.” –Susie

“Falling while standing in my skis.” –Loulia

“While miserable at the time, the experience of having everything go wrong at the Beijing train station–cobblestone sidewalk vs. broken suitcases and falling bags–is funny to recall.” –Kierstin

“Was being taught how to squat and the WHOLE group listening to me freak out while squatting.” –Rachel

My biggest regret is:

“Eating scorpion in Beijing.” –Cianna

“Not wearing bug spray in an area where there was a Dengue Fever outbreak…” –Katie H.

“Not journaling every day like I had planned. I guess it means I’ll have to go back and keep traveling and journaling!!” –Lauren

Something I hated and then loved was:

“My natural hair.” –Loulia

“The hassle of getting internet at the ECC.” –Connor

“Many foods, bargaining, and being spontaneous.” –Kierstin

My best packing decision was:

“Thank God for my Tevas.” –Jordan

“Chacos.” –Connor

“My sleep sack (especially in India, just sayin’)” –Sarah

“My Snuggie.” –Devi

While abroad, I’ve loved meeting:

“The Korean students, the Rizvi Law students, the members of Shivappa’s village in India, and I’ve also loved getting to know the Global students so well! They have been my family away from home :)” –Michelle

“The staff and families at the ECC. They were so fun, caring, and helpful. They would help us with anything we wanted, from getting our noses pierced to teaching us how to make chapati. I have never met a group of people that were so incredibly loving and generous.” –Corinne

“All of the students and everyone around my age – the students at the AUC, the law students and ECC families in India, and the Yonsei students – they were so easy to connect with and warm and welcoming.” –Katie H.

My biggest “it’s fine” moment was:

“Drinking water anywhere in public.” –Kelsey O.

“Ice hiking in tennis shoes.” –Jen

“Our late-night taxi ride in Istanbul, complete with a squeaky clown head on the rearview mirror.” –Katie P.

“When a taxi driver in Cairo let us pile in like 7 people. Driving through rush hour in Cairo is crazy enough but with someone on everyone’s lap with cars of people laughing at us and police not caring, it definitely became a little bit more exciting.” –Corinne

“In India when I fell into a huge hole filled with dirt and diseases and garbage- slumdog millionaire style. And then a bike fell on top of me.” –Lauren

The most valuable lesson I’ve learned is:

“To try and not take your time for granted, for it is very limited! I am still working on this one!” –Elise

“Is appreciate everything you’ve got. We have so much that we take for granted each day and as we saw in the streets of India they don’t have much but they were still satisfied.” –Devi

“Things don’t always go according to plan.” –Sarah

“Conversations mean more than most things in life.” –Katie P.

“Street food is not nearly as dangerous as doctors make it sound.” –Cianna

“Be patient, it’ll be worth it in the long run.” –Susie

“I can always find something in common with another person, no matter how different I think we are.” –Corinne


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