Itinerary (Places & Travel Dates)

We are a group of 27 awesome students from St. Olaf College!

Places and Dates of Travel

  1. Geneva, Switzerland: Sept. 1st ~ Sept. 5th
  2. Istanbul, Turkey: Sept. 5th ~ Sept. 11th
  3. Cairo, Egypt: Sept. 11th ~ Oct. 10th
  4. Bombay, India: Oct. 11th ~ Oct. 14th
  5. Bangalore, India: Oct. 14th ~ Nov. 11th
  6. Delhi, India: Nov. 11th ~ Nov. 14th
  7. Bangkok, Thailand: Nov. 14th ~ Nov. 21st
  8. Hong Kong: Nov. 21st ~ Dec. 22nd
  9. Shanghai/Beijing, China: Dec. 22nd ~ Jan. 2nd
  10. Seoul, S. Korea: Jan. 2nd ~ Jan. 26th
  11. Home: Jan. 26th
  12. Tokyo Japan or Hawaii: Jan 26th ~

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